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Global-Newsroom about-us

The Global-Newsroom is part of a merger of companies and experts in the media. Each individual department is comprised of veteran professionals in their fields of expertise. They speak the language of their turf.

Currently the Global-Newsroom news and stories are available in ten languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.

The Global-Newsroom is a service for exclusive use by media.


Stories (Print)

This is the source of all written information where you can find current, concise news texts as well as in-depth feature stories, anecdotes, results and a wealth of information useful for professional journalists. The information has been collected and prepared by a network of first-rate journalists in up to 10 different languages.

TV (moving images)

This is the market place for all TV content. Our team of professionals puts together content in TV-suitable packages. Our high quality material can be delivered either via satellite or through a direct download from our platform. Here you can find further information about television, such as shot lists, run downs or satellite details.

Photo (News Photography)

Global-Newsroom has within its ranks some of the world’s best photographers. Here you can find current pictures from around the world, loaded onto this page directly from where the action takes place. With professional care, the pictures are put in the appropriate size and resolution and can be downloaded to your desktop with the click of a mouse.

Web (moving images)

Here you can find content for the WWW. The Global-Newsroom offers useful current materials from around the world: pictures in the right dimensions, video clips flash formats. Furthermore, all the trends are covered by our team; 360-degree shots, freeze frames (matrix style), HDR and 3D.

Radio (interviews, sound files)

Here is the place for all radio broadcasters – both conventional and web. Our reporters deliver sound files from events taking place around the globe. They are supplied in the established formats for easy downloading and contain all the information needed for radio experts.